School Board

Our School Board

The school board is made up of elected and appointed members of parents and community members. Elections occur every two years and board members are given a two-year term to serve. The members bring extensive and varied experience from the education and business sectors to ensure that PALS students are receiving a diverse and effective education. The board does not typically involve itself in day to day operations of the school, instead it's focus is to ensure fiscal responsibility and compliance with the school charter, along with state and federal regulations. In addition, the board is there to ensure that all staff, parents, and students receive fair and equitable treatment.

How to work with your board

While we welcome suggestions and will happily listen to any concerns or ideas you might have, please understand that a board member cannot unilaterally make a policy decision. As an individual, a board member has no authority. Should you have a concern that you would like the board to address, it is recommended that you attend a board meeting and formally voice your concerns.  Anyone wishing to speak at a board meeting should contact the front office for the appropriate forms. 

Current School Board Members

Ms. Cioni

Mr. Mata

Ms. Mueller

Ms. Baker

Mr. Painter

Ms. Russell 

Ms. Young-Cline

Board Meetings

Our board meetings are scheduled for the third Tuesday of each month at 6pm at PALS.  The board meeting dates and information are always posted and updated on the parent news board in the front foyer of the school.

Meeting Agenda: November 17, 2020