PALS offers several clubs each year. Many of those clubs are administered by a parent or community member with a high level of expertise in a chosen area, along with a staff member sponsor. We are always looking for unique ideas for clubs that will help inspire our students and allow them to experience the many different career choices and community involvement opportunities their futures hold.  Club offerings are subject to change.

Clubs for the 2012-13 School Year

Drama/ Chorus
•    Times: Tuesdays from 2:30- 4:00
•    Staff Sponsor: Ms. Altman
•    Grades: K-8
•    Cost: Free, but will have to provide items for costumes and props
•    Each year the drama club will be working on a Christmas chorus performance and a Spring play.  Students enrolled in this club will also be doing performances for the schools and/or community.  Students participating in this club need to make a commitment and stick with it. Closer to the productions, practice times will increase, and students will have to be transported to the locations.  

Science Competition Club
•    Times: The science lab will be open Wednesdays from 2:30 – 3:30 and Ms. Koch will be available at this time.  Students will need to work with partners/groups outside this time frame, as decided on by the group.  Students will be notified in advance if they are REQUIRED to stay on a particular Wednesday.
•    Staff Sponsor: Ms. Koch
•    Grades: 6-8
•    Cost: Free, but will have to provide materials for projects and travel/hotel/food for competitions
•    The purpose of the science competition club is to enter and prepare students for the South Carolina Science Olympiad, and other possible science/math fairs and competitions.   Students enrolling in this club should be truly interested in science, and be prepared to make a commitment to the competitions. 

•    Times: Mondays 2:30- 3:30
•    Staff Sponsor: Ms. Peterson and Ms. DiDomenico
•    Grades: 5-8
•    Cost: Free
•    The students will work together to publish PALS’ annual yearbook.  Students will take pictures, gather quotes, organize yearbook pages, sell yearbooks, and plan yearbook signing activities.  

Mad Science
•    Times: Tuesdays from 2:40- 3:40 (September 18- October 23)
•    Staff Sponsor: Ms. Koch
•    Grades: K- 5 (limited space available)
•    Cost: $80 for the entire 6 weeks (payable to Mad Science)
•    Please request a flyer from the school secretary for details. 

Becoming Girls
•    Times: 2nd and 4th Wednesdays from 2:30- 3:45
•    Staff Sponsor: Ms. Rockhill and Ms. Nichols and Ms. Wilson
•    Grades: K-8
•    Cost: Fees as specified by the group leaders
•    The students will participate in troop meetings each week.  They will learn new friendship skills and have fun outings.    

Natural Helpers
•    Times: Monday- Friday during the school day
•    Staff Sponsor: Ms. Wilber
•    Grades: 5-8
•    Cost: Free
•    The purpose of this club is to provide older students with opportunities to help out around their school.  Students will assist teachers during their recess.  Activities will include things like going over papers, helping younger students with work, reading to younger students, general housekeeping/ cleaning in rooms, taking care of class pets, etc.   

Library Helper
•    Times: Friday 2:30- 3:00
•    Staff Sponsor: Ms. VanNess
•    Grades: 7-8
•    Cost: Free
•    This group will be responsible for shelving and organizing library books, as well as maintaining PALS’ library.  

Fishing Club
•    Times: Friday 2:30- 3:30
•    Staff Sponsor: Mr. Rob
•    Grades: 2-8
•    Cost: Free (students must supply their own fishing gear and bait)
•    The fishing club is designed to promote this outdoor activity for little ones.  On top of socializing and spending time outdoors with friends, the students will learn proper fishing techniques and terms.  

Christian Club
•    Times: 1st and 3rd Wednesdays 2:30- 3:30
•    Staff Sponsor: Ms. Atkinson and Ms. Rockhill
•    Grades: K-2
•    Cost: free
•    The students will work on building character development with practical lessons enabling the students to make life- changing decisions for them even at a young age.  

Art Integration
•    Times: Wednesdays 2:30- 3:30
•    Staff Sponsor: Ms. DiDomenico and Ms. Lecuyer
•    Grades: 3-8
•    Cost: Free (but students need to provide supplies)
•    This is a new club this year.  Students will spend the first portion learning about art, then they will move into photography, and during the Spring they will have art integration.  

Lego Club
•    Times: Tuesdays 2:30- 3:30
•    Staff Sponsor: Ms. Myres
•    Grades: 2-5
•    Cost: Free (but students may need to provide lego sets and travel costs for competition)
•    Students will be exposed to the LEGO world.  Students will learn the fundamentals to building with legos as well as possibly have the opportunity to compete in the spring.

Dance Class

•    Times: Mondays 2:30- 3:30 (beginning September 4th)
•    Staff Sponsor: Ms. Nichols
•    Grades: K-2
•    Cost: $35 yearly registration and $45 monthly (payable to Palmetto Dance Starz)
•    This will be a combination dance class for ballet, jazz, and tap.  Students will meet at the school and enjoy learning to dance, as well as proper techniques.  Students enrolled in dance class will also be able to participate in the Palmetto Dance Starz annual recital. For More Information Contact Courtney Carroll at or (843)215-STAR. You can also like them on Facebook @ Palmettodancestarz. Please see school secretary for the registration form.

•    Times: Varies
•    Staff Sponsor: Ms. Wilber and Ms. Wilson
•    Grades: 5-8 (4th graders may arrange tryouts through the coach)
•    Cost: $30 per sport
•    This year PALS is offering girls volleyball, coed soccer, girls basketball and boys basketball.   Sports are to enhance physical activity among our students, while also teaching good sportsmanship skills.  Parents are responsible for all transportation to and from practices and games.

•    Times: Thursday 2:45 - 4:15 (10 weeks from Sept 18- November 20)
•    Staff Sponsor: Ms. Myres and Ms. Didomenico
•    Grades: 6-8
•    Cost: $30 per student (payable to Coastal Carolina University)
•    Students will dive into an imaginative space mission that explores alien worlds using LEGO Mindstorm robotics as their guide. For more information contact Chris Moore at (843) 349-2985 or by email at  Please see school secretary for the registration form.

National Junior Honors Society
•    Times: 3rd Monday of October, December, February, and April 2:30- 3:30 (other times as specified)
•    Staff Sponsor: Ms. Webb
•    Grades: 6-8
•    Cost: $15 annually
•    This club is by invitation only.  Students are selected based on grades, school performance, classroom attitudes, and teacher recommendations.

Beta Club
•    Times: 3rd Monday of September, November, January, March, and May  2:30- 3:30 (other times as specified)
•    Staff Sponsor: Ms. Koch
•    Grades: 6-8
•    Cost: $10 annually, plus fees for competition and supplies
•    This club is by invitation only.  Students are selected based on grades, school performance, classroom attitudes, and teacher recommendations.