PALS offers several clubs each year. Many of those clubs are administered by a parent or community member with a high level of expertise in a chosen area, along with a staff member sponsor. We are always looking for unique ideas for clubs that will help inspire our students and allow them to experience the many different career choices and community involvement opportunities their futures hold.  Club offerings are subject to change.

Drama/ Chorus
•    Times: TBD
•    Grades: K-8
•    Cost: Free, but will have to provide items for costumes and props
•    Each year the drama club will be working on a Spring play. Students participating in this club need to make a commitment and stick with it through the Spring Production. Closer to the productions, practice times will increase, and students will have to be transported to the locations.  

Science Competition Club
•    Times: TBD  Students will need to work with partners/groups outside a regularly scheduled time frame, as decided on by the group.  Students will be notified in advance if they are REQUIRED to stay on a particular day. 

•    Grades: 6-8
•    Cost: $40 fee for competition and lodging;  Students will also have to provide materials for projects and food for competitions
•    The purpose of the science competition club is to enter and prepare students for the South Carolina Science Olympiad, and other possible science/math fairs and competitions.   Students enrolling in this club should be truly interested in science, and be prepared to make a commitment to the competitions, these dates are TBD each year.

Rotating Clubs 

•    Times: TBD
•    Grades: K-5
•    Cost: Free 
•    Students rotate through Lego, Fitness, Crafting, and Gaming each nine weeks.  All students MUST sign up at the beginning of the school year in order to participate. These are limited in spaces available.

LEGO Robotics Competition Club

  • Times: TBD
  • Grades: 5-8
  • Cost: TBD for competition fee and materials
  • Students will work with Lego Robotics in order to prepare for and compete in the annual Lego Robotics Competition in February. All students must attend in order to be eligible for competition. Limited number of spots available.


  • Times:TBD
  • Staff Sponsor: Ms. Cheripka & Ms. Webb
  • Grades: 4-8
  • Cost: TBD- Competition fee required (which includes t-shirt), also additional  materials for competition supplied by student
  • Students will compete in a variety of competitions at the Regional Beta Competition, dates TBD.  ALL students must compete and participate in order to be in BETA. 

•    Times: Varies
•    Grades: 5-8 (4th graders may arrange tryouts through the coach)
•    Cost: $40 per sport
•    This year PALS is offering girls volleyball, coed soccer, girls basketball and boys basketball.   Sports are to enhance physical activity among our students, while also teaching good sportsmanship skills.  Parents are responsible for all transportation to and from practices and games.