Meet Your Booster Club Committee Members

Karla Faircloth, President

Karla has one son, who is attending PALS in the 3rd grade. She is an advocate of school choice and thrilled that PALS opened in time for her son to start attending in 1st grade, the first year PALS was open.  She has served on the Board for two years now.  She took the newly formed idea of Booster Club and organized it into a fully functional organization! She says, "I love being part of the Booster Club and helping the school succeed through a valuable support system made up of our committee chairs and family volunteers."

Jennifer Niedermoser, Vice President 

Jen loves to be an intregal part of the PALS family!  Jen currently has son in 1st grade and a son in 3rd grade, as well as a neice in 4th grade.  Jen is the creative mastermind for the PALS Booster Club.  She creates all the wonderful displays and logo items, and is a huge part of the creativity behind the unique gifts given duirng teacher appreication week. She says, "being a part of the booster club gives me a sense of purpose and let's me play an active role in my children's educational setting. There is no better place to be!" 

Betsy Langston, Secretary

Betsy joined the PALS booster club because she wanted the opportunity to be more involved with her children's school. Her children are in the 5th grade and Kindergarten. She said, "I wanted to be able to give back because the school gives so much to our family! I wanted to be involved in creating more family involvement amongst the PALS family! Feeling like you have come home when you walk through the door is so important to me, I grew up with that and wanted my kids to have that same opportunity!"

Amanda Denning, Treasurer

Amanda is the newest booster club board member.  Her son is currently in 6th grade and began at PALS on the first day of opening.  Amanda's years of expereince in management with Jungle Fun provides a wealth of knowledge and expertise, which makes her a great fit for Booster Club Treasurer! Amanda comments about PALS, "PALS has provided my child with advance classes and really held his interest.  I am proud to call PALS my school of choice.  I serve on the Booster Club Board because I want to continue to make PALS all it can be!"